Robot Core Documentation
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CPathfinderThe Pathfinder class is used to convert waypoints into a Path that can be used by the PurePursuit class to control the robot so that it follows a specified path
 CCheckGyroCalibrationCommandCommand to check the stability of the gyro
 CDigitalCounterThe DigitalCounter class provides a way to count the number of transitions for a specific pin
 CDigitalInputThe DigitalInput class reads the state of one Arduino digital pin
 CDigitalOutputControls the state of one Arduino digital pin
 CEncoderThe Encoder interface is implemented by classes which track an relative position
 CEncoderTypeSpecifies the type of encoder
 CGenericHIDThe GeneriacHID class is the base class for input devices such as joysticks
 CJoystickThe Joystick class read the joystick connected to the driver station
 CLoggerThe Logger class provides a mechanism to log messages
 CMotorBaseProvides the base class for all motors
 CNavigatorThe Navigator class uses the drive wheel encoders and a gyro to keep track of the robots absolute position on the field in real time
 CNavigatorPosThe NavigatorPos class is used to return the current navigator position data
 CNetworkThe Network class handles network connections
 CNetworkReceiverThe NetworkReceiver interface provides a callback for received data on a network connection
 CPiCameraThe PiCamera class handles communication with the Raspberry Pi Camera
 CPiCameraPointThe PiCameraPoint specifies an (x,y) position
 CPiCameraRectThe PiCameraRect specifies an rectangular region
 CPiCameraRegionThe PiCameraRegion specifies a single detected region
 CPiCameraRegionsThe PiCameraRegions specifies list of detected regions
 CPiCameraStatsThe PiCameraStats class collects the current camera performance statistics
 CPurePursuitThe PurePursuit class provides path following using the Pure Pursuit algorithm
 CSetSpeedSetSpeed defines the interface used by PurPursuit to set the speed of the motors. The speed should be set in feet/second
 CPWMMotorThe PWMMotor class is used to control a motor that requires PWM and direction signals
 CSmartMotorSmart motor controller class
 CSmartMotorModeSpecifies the type of control
 CSmartMotorTypeSpecifies the type of motor
 CTimerThe Timer class provides a timer for measuring elapsed time
 CVexMotorThe ServoMotor class is used to control a motor that requires single servo PWM signal