In this tutorial you are going to learn to program the Nerfbot. This robot is significantly more sophisticated than the robot you programmed in the Minibot tutorial. In addition to driving, it has a Nerf ball shooter that is mounted on a Turret. There is also a camera mounted to the Turret which we will use to control the Turret to automatically track the target. The following short video shows what the Nerfbot will be able to do once you have finished the programming.

This tutorial will be a bit different than the Minbot tutorial in that we will not be supplying you with the code. You will need to write it yourself. What we will do, however, is walk you through doing that.

This new robot will require four subsystems:

  1. Drive Subsystem
  2. Shooter Subsystem
  3. Feeder Subsystem
  4. Turret Subsystem

The next chapters will walk you through creating each of these subsystems.

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